A Good Argumentative Essay

Let`s find out how to spoil a for argumentative essay now I know it might sound like a bit of a tall order right how do we solve and here one minute as you when it sounds so it  terribly difficult but I  say it  very very possible yeah it  completely achievable it just depends on our skills and attitude in terms of how we apply what we’ve learned right now along the way you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to reach them or else there are posted notes mr. Lauer is that the batches got some post-it notes please write that back down questions are sent to me by the end of the lecture and I will address them tomorrow right.

So this is in two parts comprising several segments which I will explain to G+ tomorrow  lecture as well all right so let me begin by did you see something rather different okay this was my very first published piece of writing it was an argumentative piece less than ten years ago actually this was back in 2006 and it  better than there was this long to beat is this article here I’m not sure here you don’t need to see the details and it  a very very long story but in short in what there was a debate about whether to renew streets after war heroes and the longer shots of people saying I have you know we shouldn’t be bringing the streets after war heroes not in the way that was recommended and eventually it was decided by the powers that be that the streets would not be meaning so I’m not saying that you know what I wrote necessarily that we traumatically in one but what I would argue is that.

Argumentative writing has a very very crucial social function yeah it  not just an academic exercise it  also a matter of changing policies and changing societies new it and argumentation is very very important to the others so it  not just a matter of big policies as well it matters even in your own lives so for example and this is a frequent example thanks amongst many teenagers to be imagine if the end of the year after you are over their goals you want to go for some sort of graduation trip so yeah some G  want to do that right and much convince your parents say you and your friends can go over to Johor Malaysia or one of those other places and and we can be now I think we should agree to that it  going to be a bit difficult right you know some people say no no no of course I  say that  it  something VIN Singh and how do we do that we’ve got to practice skills of argumentation right we’ve got to have our usual introduction our arguments in favour for why you are mature enough to be trusted to go on the seas for instance and also you’ve got to anticipate your parents come to argument you’ve got to anticipate what they are going to say and then Rebeck them do you see how all of this has to take place in your mind before you even begin active convincing.