Picking An Essay Topic

I still remember when I wrote my exam and thankfully I knew Hindi and I saw the Hindi side and God and I escaped so lure of space was the topic and judicial activism was another topic so judicial activism was a state power topic which is what I finally wrote but you are asked where I thought okay knew of space so your are Kingdom’s for space for expanding the tail tree right unkind is lured by territorial space and how does led to color colonization out as led to imperialism I was almost thinking it for five minutes and I saw the in diversion and it said enterica something right so there are asleep talking about lyric space not physical space. Find out how to choose essay topic correctly at Edusson.

So then I decided okay I shouldn’t pick this topic right so it’s and there was one guy who was a topper in a batch use the 18th ranked older but he’s got this 50 marks in his essay and because he I mean it’s just a coincidence and maybe that examiner would have given some 50 marks for 46 marks thinking that okay you didn’t understand the question but is written well so please avoid if you are not clear about the topic if you are not able to frame in a contemporary points for and if you have spent ten minutes and then you realize that you are not able to pick a topic don’t hassle so before you pick a topic spend two three minutes there maybe do papac’s which are equally enticing which you feel equally good but when you try and start thinking in your mind then you will be able to decide which one you need to choose and then give you I mean once you start bloating down the pines after 20 minutes when you have started writing don’t think oh I should on the other topic that’s a no-no so first decide the topic topic especially in the philosophical angle but is it philosophical doesn’t mean you’re expected to be an artist or a log plot or con sorry Immanuel Kant or someone right Amitabh canthus the CEO of media right.

What is expected is – right so see this was the question 2015 these are the eight topics everything is philosophical technically lending acts to someone is better than giving a dull weak but steady wins the race character of an institution is reflected in reader education without values makes man a clever devil technology cannot replace manpower crisis India faces moral or economic dreams it should not let India sleep can capitalism bring inclusive growth but as you see the 2016 paper it was of course there were two topics which are slightly I mean of course one off about women empowerment then there was something about need and greed something like that Digital India whether it is inclusive or not inclusive cooperative federalism myth or reality water disputes within Indian subcontinent then there were two one morrrreee economically later topic I am forgetting the topic specific.