Sightreading music

Written by Stephanie

In order to learn how to sight read, you need to be able to recognize notes. However, sight reading music while playing piano can help.

When you are practicing sight reading, try to not make the goal to play the song at its usual speed. Instead, make your goal to play every note RIGHT!


Where should I start with sightreading?

If you are still new to reading music, begin with easy songs. You can try out music from a beginners book and just try to play the notes. Begin by reading the first few notes before you start playing. The idea is to read ahead while your fingers play the notes.

This technique gives you a few seconds to figure out the next note so that you don’t need to pause and try and figure it out yourself.

Again! Speed is not the goal here. Your goal should be to hit every note correctly, Hitting the wrong notes will not help you in playing a song well.

As you become better with reading notes and recognizing them faster, you should aim to sightread music notes with both hands on the piano. Again, the key to successful sight reading is to play every note right.

But what if I want to be impressive and play every note right and at the correct speed?

Once you know how to read the notes like the back of your hand, speed will come naturally. It’s like learning how to drive. At first, you may begin slowly and cautiously, making sure to follow all the rules of the road. However, after a few months (sometimes less) of driving, you can recognize situations easier and deal with them more quickly.

The same goes for sightreading in the piano. Familiarity and practice will be the key to your success!